Beyond Passion.

Who we are

We redefine the standards of digital engagement towards sports and eSports competitions.
Our aim is to enhance content and events animation via a gaming platform based on live player vs. player prediction and thanks to qualified user data gathered throughout each game.
We are not just setting a norm, we are offering you to take a step in the future of entertainment and online engagement.

High-technology. Production ready.

What we do


An immersive experience

Launch contextual questions during live events. Reach users instantly, full screen

Real-time action

A compelling interface showing the evolution of live predictions and rankings

Customised coverage

Integrate the platform online, display it on-site, make it public or accessible to selected users

Impacting notifications

Your customers will not miss a single question, as we can even wake their phone for you

Unique user data

Our API helps you gather insights on your customers’ interests, involvement, loyalty, gaming profile, brand engagement...

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An adaptable offer

Integrate a simple widget, a full webpage or deploy your own website embedding our technology

A white-label platform

Our platform becomes your website, as our interfaces are entirely customisable and adaptable to your visual identity and advertising needs

A 100% secured API

Secured authentications and transactions, transparent for users and organisers

An easy-to-deploy technology

Getting your new service online is a matter of hours for our dedicated teams

Full scalability in real time

Our server capacity adjusts in real time based on your needs, the volume and location of requests to the service

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